The Windscreen Is an Important Structural Element

The windshield is important to the structure of your car. What you need to know

  • in modern vehicles the windscreen provides up to 1/3 of the structural strength of the upper part of your car body
  • an incorrectly fitted windscreen or a screen fitted with unapproved materials can result in:
    • the windscreen falling out of its frame in the event of a frontal collision
    • the flattening of the roof in the event of the car crashing upside down
    • increased noise inside the car.
  • for your air-bags to work properly in the event of an accident, protecting the passengers inside, it is essential that the windscreen stays firmly in place.

At Trikkis Autoglass we are well aware of all the above points. Strictly adhering to procedures to ensure that our jobs are carried our correctly are our daily concern. Your safety and the quality of our work are our main priorities.

All the glass we offer, the materials and processes used in repairing or replacing your glass comply with the strict standards followed by car manufacturers. We are also only the car glazing company in Cyprus with certified quality control assurance TUV ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS18001.

The quality of both the products we offer and the work we perform allows us to give a life-time warranty.

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